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Justina Walford is co-writer and producer of LADIES OF THE HOUSE.

In April of 2008, Justina was a finalist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and in November of 2007, she was a finalist in the Queens International Film Festival Screenplay Competition with her film adaptation of EVOLUTION OF SUNDAY. Justina received raves in the LA Weekly and Backstage West for the play and thought it long overdue for adaptation. The film is an intimate drama about a man who, following the tragic loss of his wife, seeks redemption with the guidance of an unlikely spiritual guide. The stage version enjoyed four successful runs – twice at Walford’s Split Id Theater, the Hudson Guild Theater in Hollywood, and the Camino Real Playhouse in Dana Point. Praised by both the LA Weekly and Backstage West, it was described as “a thoughtful and affecting drama about faith, love and forgiveness”.

For her productions on the stage, Walford was a proud recipient of the Women in Theater Red Carpet Award, which was presented to her in 2004. She was the Artistic Director of Split Id Staged Performances in Hollywood for three years. During that time, she produced six full-length productions a year and countless one-night shows. Additional past productions include OVERFLOW, her autobiographical play featuring six women representing variations on one persona, the Asian-American themed MEMOIRS OF AN ALMOST GEISHA, and her seriocomic ensemble piece DATING IN PERSON, as well as popular published plays such as Don Nigro’s SPECTER and Howard Korder’s BOYS’ LIFE.

Also critically acclaimed as a theatre director, Walford gained kudos for her work on Michael Rex’s THICKER THAN WATER, Mark Dunn’s MORNING COFFEE, Dominic Savio’s one-man show REVELATIONS FROM GOD and NO REFILLS. Last year, Walford most recently directed Wildman’s EXPLODING GIRLFRIENDS at Actoberfest at The Secret Rose Theater in North Hollywood.

Walford also curated the Stranger Than Fiction monologue performances at both the Split Id Theatre and Sugar Shack Theater Space from 2005-2006.


LADIES OF THE HOUSE, feature film (co-writer, producer)
Dancer’s Beatdown, short film 2007 (producer)
Sex Toys for God, short film 2006 (writer, director)
Romantic Intervention, short film 2003 (writer, director, producer)


“Exploding Girlfriends,” Actoberfest, Secret Rose Theatre 2006 (director)

Walford directed John Wildman’s short one act. There were baked beans and barbie dolls.

Thicker Than Water, Actors’ Circle 2005 (director), LA WEEKLY Recommended
15 Minutes of FEM, Egyptian Arena Theatre 2005 (writer, performer)
Overflow, Hudson Guild Theatre 2005 (writer, producer)
Stranger Than Fiction, Split.Id Theatre 2005 (writer, producer)
Breaking Up, Split.Id Theatre 2005 (director, producer)

“Split.Id says farewell to the Complex with a bang. Their last show at the Split.Id theatre is two hilarious one acts –’Morning Coffee’ by Frederick Stroppel and ‘Gendermat’ by Mark Dunn- directed by award winning Justina Walford. The first one act, ‘Morning Coffee,’ is a biting look at breaking up with New York live-in couple, Katie and David. Their relationship thrives on their many melees, but this Saturday morning, things will change. From cheap jabs to true pain, this break up shows how an everyday fight can turn into last words. The second one act, ‘Gendermat,’ cleverly shows the different genders and their universal way of breaking up. Set in an apartment basement laundry room, a couple says their farewell. The one act is a sort of tag team theater where a character’s gender changes with the actors.” -ReviewPlays.com

Evolution of Sunday, Hudson Guild Theatre 2003, 2004 (writer, producer)

Written and performed twice, this drama about grief and loss received rave reviews. Backstage West called the ’04 production “compelling” and the actors “superb” while in ’03 NoHo>LA raved that the production “makes you ponder about where you are spiritually.” But the best kudos was from LA Weekly who on both productions called the play “well written” and “intelligent.”

* Full review from LA Weekly: “Writer Justina Walford has delivered a thoughtful and affecting drama about faith, love and forgiveness, remarkable for both the clarity of its focus and the complexity of its characters. Director Marisa O’Brien gets subtle yet powerful performances from her cast of two, and tries a novel device for scene transitions: Segue music is sung live from behind the audience up in the booth area, and singer Annie Katsura Rollins adds nicely to the changing moods with her lovely voice. The story begins as a stunned and bleeding man, Kevin (Braden Tenney), staggers into the office of pastor Danielle (Zanne Walls). At first he seems antagonistic and crazy, until it is revealed that he’s just been in a car accident where his wife was killed. Kevin’s late wife had made him promise to spend four Sundays at this church, and now he angrily appeals to Danielle for comfort and guidance. Danielle has a secret, however, which will turn this relationship inside out. Tenney does a terrific job with a tricky role. Kevin isn’t such a great guy: He took his wife for granted, he’s rudely confrontational, but beneath that surface he’s collapsing completely, and Tenney balances the anger and sorrow very well. Walls excels with the more internalized Danielle, and when her secret is revealed, Walls displays her helpless grief and shame in a sudden torrent of emotion that is startlingly deep and moving.”

Memoirs of an Almost Geisha, Split.Id Theatre 2003, 2004 (writer, producer)

Dating in Person, Split.Id Theatre 2003, 2004 (writer, producer)

“With a nod to Howard Korder’s Boy’s Life, Justina Walford’s well-written comedy follows three friends as they navigate through the thickets of love and romance…The action unfolds in a series of simple, short scenes, where this trio of gal pals meets and matches up with different fellows, wrestles with temptations, and ultimately finds salvation in the arms of their true loves or in independence. The cast is flawless.” -LA Weekly

Revelations from God, Split.Id Theatre 2004 (director, producer)
No Refills, The Split.Id Theatre 2003 (director, producer)

“Director Justina Walford precisely locates Savio’s strengths as writer and proficient actor, knowing when to let Savio let his words stand on their own. The final product of the show reveals her own ability to excavate a rare hour of genius story within a story about madness.” – NoHo LA

Mad Art, The Split.Id Theatre 2003 (writer, producer)

The first play in Split.Id’s home –The historic Complex in Hollywood. A young artist must create a collection of paintings within an hour. Every performance had a 4 x 4 original painting by none other than artist/sax player Eric Passchier.

Buffets, The Complex 2002 (writer, producer)

Writing and producing my first full length play inspired me to lease a space for over two years. It was funny. It was fun. And I grew so much as a writer and producer in the three years that followed.

Creative Juices, The Flight Theatre 2002 (writer, producer)

“Genius!” -Producer Chris Moore at a party, likely drinking heavily

Kiss a Stranger, Glaxa Theatre 2002 (producer)

“Boring” – LA Weekly. Well, you can’t bat 100 every time. It was Walford’s first review after all.


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