Riots. Then and now.

As Baltimore struggles and mourns, for those of us not in the streets, we have a responsibility. We have a responsibility to stop something. And there is a large difference between trying to stop riots and trying to stop what starts riots. This is our chance to stop what started this riot.

Something we often forget is that riots do make change, and they won’t stop until the oppression stops. For example, if you see Stonewall one way, don’t think you are seeing anything philosophically nor emotionally different now in Baltimore. Humans break. And when broken, we create change by force.

Now, as the peaceful protests continue, I hope we honor the peace and the love and move forward.

1969 Stonewall Riots
1969 Stonewall Riots
1969 Stonewall Riots
The Change.
The Change.
45 years later.
45 years later.

What will be on the cover of TIME in 45 years? What do we want to see there?



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