Sunday Assembly – Ramblings on Death

Stuff I want to explore at the Sunday Assembly in two days. This list will transform in the next 48 hours into a profound, incisive, 10 minute, mental machine.

Writing about death is so much easier when you believe in an afterlife. Even when I tell people I’m talking about death on Sunday, most go instantly to talking about ghosts, reincarnation, Heaven, Hell, Energy (capital “E”). These are people who know I am going to talk at an event where the afterlife is not assumed and yet, it takes so little time to jump out of the present and into the after. Gurl, I’m making a list of death thoughts for the n.o.w.

1. Bucket Lists – why, when, how?

2. Humor – is it ever appropriate?

3. How to live until you die…

4. Is life a job, vacation, mission, or goodie bag?

5. Why can’t we just die?

Okay, I’m just going to print this out and stick it to my bedside table.

It’s going to be awesome.

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