Thinking Out Loud: Death

I am hosting a Sunday Assembly in a couple weeks and the theme is Life/Death. I admit I feel under-qualified. First, I have never died. Never almost died. Never was diagnosed or even sincerely tested for a fatal illness. I haven’t even had a palm reader look at my palm and refuse to tell my fortune for fear of my ire at learning my life line was much too short. And life? I’m a novice at best.

But as I get older, of course, death seeps into my living. And I spend each experience learning a little more about how to live with death. So, for a few days, I’m going to call up some memories or some conversations and do some soul searching. I won’t say the right thing. I likely will be low on saying wise things. But I hope from some honesty, I’ll get a few steps farther than where I am today.

More to come…



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