Today’s Netflix Movie – Violet and Daisy

I’m a bachelorette this week while John is in Utah, so I’m going to post daily because it’s just me and cats doing stuff. Netflix was particularly kind to me this week. Last week, I went down the death and dying rabbit hole, but this week was sweet. My kind of sweet, which is admittedly sweet with a touch of kick ass.

VIOLET AND DAISY – Two teenage assassins go on a seemingly easy job, but their target is James Gandolfini. The sweet version. Who can kill sweet Gandolfini? Especially if you’re a teen girl with daddy issues? So this is a drama with a dark humor, so I think the people who may like this will never find it. If you liked KICK ASS 2, you will like this movie. It’s girls being girls who happen to kill people for a living, not assassins who happen to be girls. As a woman who was once a girl and happen to like horror, action and dark comedies, I love seeing movies like this. And this one is well executed. Sweet scenes between Gandolfini and Saoirse Ronan make this an endearing film. And Alexis Bledel as the sorta-hardened assassin plays cute and crazy to perfection.

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  1. Pito Rosario says:

    Saw some of this one. Seemed okay.

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