My Week’s Movies – 1/16/15

So this week was tough. We had to find a new apartment. Finding a new apartment in any city at any time is not easy. Finding one in NYC while working on deliverables is possibly a specific example sited in the DSM for “masochistic personality disorder.” As I type this, I am bleary eyed from scouring websites, babbling at brokers, reading fine print, and finding decade old paperwork on personal income which I’m losing between music cue sheets and attorney emails. I just turned off my facebook account because I can’t even deal with cat videos. So the movie list is a bit low this week and a little late.

IMPOSTER – This is the documentary about a 23-year-old Frenchman who claims to be a 16-year-old missing boy. And in doing so, he ends up with the Texas family desperate to be reunited with their missing boy for three years. I vaguely recall this when it happened. It’s so disturbing because the film ends with us really not knowing why this exceptionally unsettling event became an even more disturbing web of lies woven by more than just one spider.

JACK REACHER – This was a movie. It had Tom Cruise. I feel for those who paid for it. Was fine since it was Netflix. He’s supposed to be amazingly sexy and clever, but Cruise doesn’t quite pull of the animal magnetism the writing implies and the  writing doesn’t pull off the clever that the pauses for laughter imply. But you know, it was close enough that I got it. It gets cheesy and preachy in parts, but sometimes that’s how an action film apologizes for being brutal. I just wish it was brutal enough to warrant a cheese and preach.

THE DOUBLE – I admit to being a short attention span kind of girl. So “Dostoevsky” wasn’t quite a selling point for me. But I’m so glad I turned this on. It’s funny. Weird. It’s got creepy cute Japanese soundtrack music ( Kyu Sakamoto and Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets).

[Okay, so SPOILER ALERT!! I want to know what this sub-genre is called, battling ids, because I think it’s my favorite. Ever since I read PK Dick’s VALIS and then watched FIGHT CLUB and then ADAPTATION, I have been completely in love with…Oh! And BLACK SWAN!..this kind of exploration into our battles with who we are and who we want to be. END SPOILER ALERT.]

So there we go. Back to paperwork. And reactivating my social media.




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