My Week’s Movies – 01/09/15

Ah, so weird to type “15.” Okay, without further ado….

TENTACLES – This 1977 film is about a giant octopus. If you like SyFy movies, if you love Sharknado, go back to the original. This is perfection. The acting should be stellar (Jon Huston, Shelley Winters, even fucking Henry Fonda), but it’s not. It’s horrible acting. Stock nature footage instead of special effects. Exceptionally cheesy monologues, which includes a painfully long monologue from a killer whale trainer to his orca pets. And that is why this B-Movie fanatic gives it a wicked thumbs up.

WORLD’S GREATEST DAD – Holy crap Bobcat Goldthwait does dark comedy so dark, so funny,  so beautifully awkward. And Robin Williams is at his best. I feel gutted every time he smiles in the film. And his last smile sews me back up. Depressing movie with the most angelic redemption.

SWEATSHOP – 80’s movie homage gore-fest. Also, boobies. I guess my week is depressing dark comedies and boobie bloodfests. Which means this is a pretty awesome week. FYI There’s a character named Lolli who really should have stayed in screamies.

THE MACHINE – This was made a few years back for under a million pounds. That’s about 1.5 million US dollars. It is stunning to look at. It is science fiction as prophecy. In other words, it’s Asimov science fiction. It’s for the brain, but it has just enough cheats and tropes to keep us more limited attention span folks fully engaged.

The Machine

IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY – Yay, more death. This one is about dying. And it’s a cartoon, Don Hertzfeldt style. Is Netflix trying to bum me out?

LUCKY – Serial killers in love with quirky gold diggers is my favorite kind of romcom. Who knew Colin Hanks could be a lovable sociopath?

DARK HORSE – Wow, I’m a depressing bunny. Todd Solondz explores lonely, aging people. Surprise! I actually enjoyed it. It feels kinda like Solondz trying to do a family friendly HAPPINESS.

Noble attempts: My Netflix account is getting some major action. I tried I FRANKENSTEIN and MERCENARIES and barely lasted ten minutes. If someone has seen these and the movie got better later, tell me, I’ll try again.

TV: And I’d be remiss to skip on my tv show binging: season 2 of MARON was fun as shit. I mean, when shit is fun. My attempt at getting into BLACK MIRROR is over because it depresses me a lot. That’s kinda funny to say after confessing binging on Marc Maron humor. BLACK MIRROR is well executed and, cerebrally, the closest any show has ever gotten in attempting to revive the TWILIGHT ZONE level of entertainment and intelligence.

That’s it! Next week, HOLY MOTORS is tops on the list.



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