A Rant About “Innocent” Questions on Race/Sex/Homosexuality/Blah

I am unfriending and unfollowing the “Just curious, but [racist/sexist/homophobic question]” people. I know as an ally I’m expected by some to patiently explain the nuance of culture and systemic oppression. But you know what? I’m done.

If I took all my patient (and not so patient) facebook posts and tweets slowly explaining why “it seems” certain groups are lazy/stupid/poor/whiny, I could have simply written a book explaining it in the simplest language possible. I’d call it “Explaining Why ‘It Seems’ People Are Their Labels to Stupid You.” Maybe I should polish that title a bit.

If someone has a truly innocent question to have an ignorant curiosity answered, google it. For fuck’s sake, that’s what I’m doing. I’m no scholar. I’m not enlightened. I have some deep rooted prejudices in me that I have to scrape out of my brain with an intellectual butter knife.  But you know what? Google, a dash of skepticism and a scoop of empathy goes a long way in learning. Stop asking the rest of us to do the work for you.

For those people who say “I’m not racist, but how can ethnicity A be horrible trait X?” Your question is ludicrous. If google doesn’t help, open a book. Or get out of the house. Do something, please. For the sake of society, do something. “They” are not the problem. YOU are.


Rant over.

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