When an ass we’ve seen before “breaks the internet”

Art is an amazing thing. For all the times we think talentless people get famous, we never acknowledge that it is an error of audience comprehension, not an error of art. A great example is happening right now as we all talk about how Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her bare ass. How could this be? We have seen her naked for over a decade. Why now? Why so viral? Because we saw her ass in art. She isn’t the artist. Jean Paul Goude is the artist. And of course he went viral.

74 year old artist Jean Paul Goude broke the internet forty years after his¬†“prime” with a fresh take on a well worn subject.

There’s the story.

For anyone who lived their formative years in the 80’s, they know Jean Paul Goude. From animalistic Grace Jones covers to uncomfortably fetish¬†Chanel ads, Goude photographed in a way that burned through our brains with visual iconography that held tight and never left the cortex of Gen Xers to this day. You may call it racist, sexist, or crap. But there is no denying it is art. That his photo of a celebrity is causing this much of a stir is no surprise. And it’s no sin of culture. He is busting at the seams with talent and half a century of experience.


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