Gaslighting. It’s a word I am hearing, reading and saying more often. Only six months ago, I was wondering why women were being so sensitive about stuff. And then I started reading what a few very vocal men say. Real men I have met. Men I’ve actually had meals with. These men are going out of their way to say my memory and the memories of other women are irrational fears. That our interpretation of our daily lives are wrong. And we are to blame for that. These men fight on twitter or facebook for days, create youtube videos, send us emails, defending their right to chat up women on the street. Now, no one said to turn conversation into a crime. But I guess saying “Your compliment is not welcome,”is just too much oppression for some men.

I acknowledge not all men are assholes. In fact, very few men are assholes. But the assholes ruined it. If a guy thinks he’s a nice guy, he should talk to assholes about it, not talk to us about it. Why would a “nice” guy tell women to put up with it so we can bask in their nice? It’s not nice to spend days telling me you’re nice and I’m an idiot for not realizing that. I don’t need “nice” that badly.

I feel like a broken record.



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