Christian Mingle the movie

I was just telling someone yesterday that there is no reason for me to be a blogger since all I can blog about is religion, atheism, morality and movies and how do you build a niche on God, goodness and grindhouse? And yet, God has sent me a message. The burning bush is this trailer right here:

hehehhehe, I said “burning bush.”

So you would think I’d have a lot to say about this since it is 100% my niche! I don’t as I type this sentence, but I’m going to try.

1. Christians who say there is a war on Christianity can’t say there’s a war on Christianity anymore. I love Christianity. I still have an attachment to the identity of “Christian” even though I’m as non-believing as it gets.  But the “war on” stuff is so annoying. I mean, sure, when I was a Christian I had to constantly tell people I wasn’t a jerk because a lot of people assumed I hated gays, believed in Creationism, and thought there was a Grand Patriarch picking who deserved happiness and who didn’t…and hell. And I wasn’t that kind of Christian, so it did feel a little icky being on the defensive all the time. Until I realized I was on the defensive because I was such a progressive Christian that I was actually an atheist. But that’s the thing. Even as a Christian, I felt pulled and pushed from fundamentalist Christians and non-Christians, but I never felt bullied. I never felt like the underdog. I felt like a person who was in the majority getting misunderstood because people who didn’t represent me were representing my religion.   Anyway, back to War on Christians. If any FOX news report pops up or some random person on my facebook feed talks about how hard it is being a “bullied” Christian, I will throw this trailer in their face. There is a movie about a woman who cannot get a date to save her life and realizes the only way she will get laid (after marriage) is by pretending to be a Christian. Yep. That’s how much it sucks in the dating world. We convert for dinner and a movie. It’s a war on secular dating, is what it is! And the Christians are winning!

No more of this, m’kay?

2. Why not J-Date? Here’s a funny thing. Christian Mingle is owned by Spark Networks, who also owns J-Date. Somehow, I guess the producers found the Christian dating theme to be more marketable than Jewish dating. Please see #1. Now, you may say, but the whole point of the movie is <SPOILER ALERT BUT NOT REALLY BECAUSE IT IS IN THE TRAILER> her conversion. And you’re right. If the script was written first, it is just awkward to see her “coming to Jesus” moment (figuratively) happen at temple. Totally different culture. Maybe funnier. But I don’t want to be assumptive about humor and religion and imply… Well, I just did. So, er, sorry.

3. What does this mean? This may mean that the Christian film genre is going strong and will only get stronger. After a handful of relatively successful Christian movies in 2013, we are seeing it become a true trend in 2014 with GOD IS NOT DEAD and HEAVEN IS FOR REAL having some ticket $$ in major theaters. And you will soon see this blockbuster-in-waiting:

4. Why did you not lead with THAT?? I know. I know.

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