A Parable About Science and God

Once upon a time, there were two people watching the sun rise. One said, “That is amazing. I want to study it.” The other said, “That is amazing. I want to worship it.”

The two walked hand in hand and were stopped by the beauty of a flower bed. One said, “That is so beautiful. I want to learn the wheels and cogs that make it bloom.” The other said, “That is so beautiful, I want to spend every day looking at it and finding gratitude and solace that I can enjoy the beauty.”

That evening, they saw a man dying by the side of the road. They both tried to help as best they could, but it was too late. One said, “That was so painful and unnecessary. I want to find a way to make it happen less often, with less pain.” The other said, “Me too. And I want to be humbled by the pain because someday I will be the man dying.”

They went into a bar to have a beer. After some time, the one said, “I like what you said today. I will study and design ways to understand what we saw today. And when I am challenged by the ethics of what I do, I will spend a day only looking at the sun and flower and man as a reminder of why I started. I will call it science.” The other said, “I like what you said, too. I will learn how to be humbled by everything we saw today and tell others about the beauty and pain in the world. I will call the culmination of this overwhelming feeling God.”

Then both shook hands and decided to walk together again soon.

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