My Gratitude / To Do List : When a Mental Health Exercise and My Neurosis Collide

This morning, I thought I’d do a little journal entry to start off my week. I am noticing my sanity is being threaded together with this blog and I’m very grateful for it and for the dozen or so who read it. This is going to be short because I have to get up and do the Monday shuffle. Short and sweet.

I am a little torn. I could write a to do list for the week or a gratitude list. One is pro-active. One is really good to do for one’s mental health. Maybe it’s time to merge the two. A list of things I need to do that I’m grateful are in my near future! Oh, see blogosphere! Another sanity stitch. I feel young again!


1. See White House Down – My husband wants to see a movie with me. I want to see something really dumb, but be pleasantly surprised by the smart. I’m hoping this is it.

1a. I’m grateful that I have a husband who’s most challenging demands include Channing Tatum.

2. Get sponsors for Bare Naked Bake Sale‘s next event – Actually get everything for our next event, including a team to get everything. This is a huge to do I’ve been putting off.

2a. I am so grateful for the day AFTER these events. I love seeing money raised. And I’m exceptionally grateful to the people who help me every time. Yeah. This needs to happen.

3. Make chutney – It ends up being my kitchen talent. Pancakes and chutney. Not at the same time, although, why not?

3a. I am grateful I can create two foods. It’s taken a long time to find out. Now, if the apocalypse happens, I know I can survive as long as the milk and eggs. Also, tasty.

4. Write and record an uplifting atheist “sermon”.

4a. I am so grateful for Sunday Assembly‘s intro to NYC yesterday. It was a blast. Now I’m inspired to do a little atheist vlogging. Who knows, maybe I’ll be speaking some day.

5. Get dishwasher liquid.

5a. I’m really grateful I added something small on here. It will likely be the last one I complete. But it will be easy.

Well, that does feel better. Maybe this will catch on, the gratitude-to-do-list.

UPDATE: 7/2 Channing Tatum is easier than grocery shopping. One down.  I am grateful for Channing Tatum being smart enough to save a horrible 90 minutes by embracing the inanity. Also, nice job, boys. Tatum gets to be sexually harassed. We ladies so appreciate being painted as equally creepy as creepster men.

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