Seth Godin and the Timing on an Entrepreneur

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Yes, timing ON an entrepreneur. I no longer believe a successful business or any creative or career endeavor is all about the person’s timing. It is all about the timing of events thrust upon us.

I’m reading Seth Godin’s LINCHPIN and see it as a well written self-help book that comes from the work angle. It is inspiring, as self-help books tend to be. And it states the obvious that we all forget when we are scared. And we all get scared when we embark on a new career, business or project. And it really gets us to explore that fear, ideally to push through it.

I, for one, am terrified. I’m starting a business that I feel passionate about and feel confident will take off like a rocket before this year ends. But I fear I know too little, need too much, and desire what no one else desires, leaving me an industry of one with a market of one. I fear being a performer on opening night, staring into empty audience seats. The party host at 9pm with untouched snacks and an unopened keg of beer. And, while I’ve scoffed it for years, I’m also afraid of it taking off like a rocket. Yep, I fear success. (This is a good time to use the sometimes too accurate :/ emoticon)

But certain events, well timed events, have been thrust upon me that then move me forward. So, for those who don’t know, I am starting a crowdfunding site that utilizes naked photos and videos to raise awareness and funds for charities, disaster relief, artistic projects, and startups. It’s pretty straightforward. Crowdfunding has been done before. Going naked for charity has been done before. Now it’s all in one place.

What could I possibly be afraid of? As I try to list the plethora of fears, my own brain tells me how silly each fear is. And I delete it. The irony is that if I were to list these fears, you will either relate or you remember a time when you did relate or you don’t relate because you have never tried something outside your comfort zone. Okay, here’s a few. I’m afraid when I ask for help, no one will come to my aid. I’m afraid of being judged on my ethics. I’m afraid of being judged professionally. I’m afraid it won’t be perfect. I’m afraid of naysayers. I’m afraid most of complete silence.

Well, here’s a funny thing. All those things have happened. For a moment or a month, I’ve met rejection, judgement, pessimism and blank stares. And everytime I’m about to throw in the towel, help, praise, positivity, and/or loud cheers tugs me forward like a child at a carnaval tugging on a parent’s arm to get on the ferris wheel. Hope tugs and smiles and says, “We’re right on time if we hurry!”

So here’s my first lesson. Just like many artists say they don’t do the “creating,” they just show up for the channeling of a creation, starting a business is the same. I just need to show up. Show up to my blog to receive and post a new photo set. Show up to the next brainstorming meeting where a collective mind figures out a calendar of website upgrade launches. Show up to my laptop for another perfectly timed email from someone I was too scared to reach out to minutes before. Show up. Just show up to channel the creation.

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