New York Review: Earthen Oven

The winter got a little too cold for exploring the city so I decided to order in. My husband is out of town and I consider that the best time to eat all the food he doesn’t like. Yay Indian food!

What appealed to me is their online ordering system. You just punch some entrees and enter your credit card number. I love that. I also loved an affordable pre-fixed menu. Vegetarian is $12.95, meat is 14.95 and it comes with an appetizer, lentil, nan, basmati rice & dessert. You can choose between two, so there’s even variety in the pre-fixed. This is working out great! I ordered Alu Gobhi pre-fixed and some extra nan.

Well, the food got here and I guess I was too excited to check to see if all was there. It’s just one meal and an extra bread. That was my first mistake. No extra nan. $3 wasted. Well, mistakes happen and my own fault for not checking when the delivery guy was here.

The food is delivered in separate plastic containers. My dinner was in five plastic containers. Is that more or less green than styrofoam? One had a mild leak, but it did beat that horrible leak styrofoam often has. My feelings are a little mixed about this, but if you order for delivery and happen to be very particular in how it’s packed you will love or hate it.

But hey, none of that matters if it’s good food! Alas, second mistake. I didn’t heed some of the previous reviews and order extra seasoning and sauces. I love Indian food for all the flavor. This was bland. I was scooping the last drop of even the sauces I don’t use just to get some flavor in.

Last thing, the meal was filling, but I wouldn’t call it a huge serving. I got more lentil than entree. I’m a small eater and had very little left over. This could be because it was pre-fixed. But overall, I’d call it a solid serving for the price.

53 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023
(212) 579-8888

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