New York Review: Ollie’s Noodle Shop

I forgot to add this review of my first Chinese restaurant in NY. This was my first day in NY so I had some high hopes. Here’s how it turned out:

I just got to NY 24 hours ago, so maybe I am not qualified to say what is good NY Chinese food. I am from Los Angeles and we are not known for any of our food. But after 20 years there, I have found some amazing cuisine. I even found good dim sum in Chatsworth.

So I get to New York thinking “Oooh, I bet New York Chinese restaurants make a mean plate of orange chicken.” Well, this is my second Chinese restaurant and I am not impressed. (That’s right. Second Chinese restaurant in 24 hours. You judgin’ me?)

So I guess this is me one step closer to the Holy Grail of NY Chinese food. Please, dear God, make the myth true!

I will go back to Ollie’s often since it’s close to where I live and it’s cheap. So this is a positive review, kinda. If I didn’t live a few blocks away, this would be a review ending with “likely not coming back.” So, I guess not too positive. It is positively lukewarm.

1. The food: The orange chicken was a little tough. The sauce was yummy though. The eggplant in garlic sauce was pretty good and I’ll order it again. Spicy is not SPICY, but next time, I may order it extra spicy and see what I get. Food alone…2 stars.

2. The ambience: It’s crowded and just a touch more serene than utter chaos. I’m going to balance that with, I just moved to NY from LA. It’s possible it’s not the restaurant, it’s this fragile LA diner.

3. The service: The service is fast and the food gets to you hot. How they accomplish that in the cramped dining area is impressive to say the least. Four stars for service.

Overall, go there if you want to eat Chinese food in the Upper West Side without going broke. Not worth getting into a vehicle to try it.

Ollie’s Noodle Shop
1991 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
(212) 595-8181

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