New York City Review: Zuni Restaurant

This was my first dinner out with people since moving to NY. If I were to review “dinner conversation in NY,” I’d give that five stars, and I’m wondering if the conversation’s five stars has tainted my review of Zuni, where I give it four. Would this be only three if I was sitting alone in a corner? But, the experience is what we review, right? Maybe? Well, here we go..

My husband and I were meeting his friend and his friend’s friends for dinner. Zuni was suggested and since half the party were visiting NY or just moved here days earlier, we ran with it.

The bar in front seats a handful of people. A small coat closet hangs behind the host’s podium. The place is cozy, quiet and the atmosphere is perfect for a date or a small party of friends.

The waiter was a little flighty. He passed me up when taking drink orders and gave us our menus twice. He seemed nervous, so maybe he was new. In any case, his sweet demeanor made his small errors completely forgivable. In fact, it added to the mood -light, casual, cozy. In fact, let’s stop on that word “cozy”. I’ve written it twice because that is exactly this restaurant. Not a euphemism for “cramped” or “old”. It is a warm blanket of ambiance.

The menu does not have a lot of options, and the only thing that really stood out to me was the sweet potato and fig ravioli. And that sounded perfect.  With a pint of Guinness, my dinner was delicious. Small serving, but just enough for my appetite.

We ordered dessert -Key Lime Pie. Not bad at all. If I go back, I’ll likely try something else. To be honest, I just ordered dessert to keep listening to the conversations.

598 9th Ave
(between 42nd St & 43rd St)
New York, NY 10036

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