New York Review: Tucker Square Greenmarket

I look forward to checking out all the Greenmarket Farmer Markets around town. A quick glance at their website shows that they got an inspiring mission statement and are committed to getting fresh, locally grown food to us. I’m a hippie, so I’m a fan. Well, Thursday rolled around and I started with Tucker Square. The market is very small, under ten vendors. It’s cold out, so I’m not sure if there’s usually more around. I’m thinking with the amount of space they have, can’t have much more.

Personally, I prefer a larger venue. I have a whole system: see everyone, buy nothing, and then go to the ones I remember, budget out what I want, then prioritize, and THEN buy. This system is completely unnecessary at Tucker Square. I took twenty steps and I was already at the end.

Here’s what I saw:
1. Fruit: Good apples and pears. Nice selection. Two vendors. Hot cider served up and perfect for the weather.
2. Vegetables: One stand. I didn’t check it out cuz I don’t really eat those.
3. Other: Meat, pickles, mushrooms and cheese! Yum! If you like any of these things, you better check it out.
4. Justina’s Suggestion: Apple cider donuts. Get a bag. You can’t eat just one. Their cookies are pretty damned good, too. Same vendor also has some granola that I may try next time.

Tucker Square Greenmarket
W 66th St
New York, NY 10079

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