I’m a woman in horror! February is my month!

I just started following Women In Horror Month on Facebook (http://www.womeninhorrormonth.com). And I’m a little excited….MY BIRTHDAY IS THE SAME MONTH AS WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH! Okay, I may be more excited than one would expect…since I’m not really a woman in horror yet. I mean, I wrote the script, and we’re shooting in May, but it’s not in the can. But I don’t want to wait a whole year to toot my horror horn! I want recognition now!

So the website said that if I blog about them, they’ll say how cool I am. And if I give blood and send a photo, i’ll get a mention on the website.

I’m giving blood this week (if the dang red will spill this time)…

and I’m blogging now…

Hello? AxWound? Can I get a shout out? It’s my birthday….

Hm…but that may not be enough….What if I turn my birthday into an official WIHM event? I can do that. I can totally do that.

Okay..so for all of my readers (all seven of you), February 5th is my official WIHM event! I am going to invite famous scream queens and indie horror filmmakers. They may not show up, but they are definitely invited!

I’m off. Check back here for more info on the big event!

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  1. womeninhorrormonth says:

    hey lady, i linked this on the facebook page. also my birthday is feb 10th ❤
    send photos of you giving blood and you will get goodies! xxxooo

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