oooh, what to sell…

So coincidentally, as I’m contemplating what I’d put in my dream shop, John said, “We haven’t done our merchandising plan for STRIPPED yet. You’re good at that. Can you do that this week?”

And then he emailed me stuff he’d want to merchandise…t-shirts, figurines (oohh, little cannibal strippers…how cute!), toys, clothes, cd’s, posters, etc. etc. So I got on the sourcing trail and found some very unique ways to promote and merchandise a movie….

1. Private label wine – Our very own blood red wine. This seems the most fun. I’ve emailed two wineries in Texas and one in Northern California. The fun debate is in the name. Here’s my top three…

Murderer’s Malbec
Bordeaux of Blood
Killer Red

1. a. Which of course led me down the vinotherapie path to make “blood bath,” a line of bath products that are the color and consistency of blood.

2. T-shirts – Okay, that isn’t so unique, but I’m researching some better styles and materials than the average square cotton tee. It looks like we either go with the polyester dye-sublimation heat transfer t-shirts which really pop with color and never fade or crack, or the greener cotton burnout tee which is thinner that the cheap, stiff cotton tees and VERY comfortable. Both are a sexier fit on the female, too.

3. Posters – Uh. cuz we have to. But not only for the movie, we’re also going to make prints of Lindsay Marino’s art. Her stuff is going to adorn Crystal, Getty, and Lin’s bedrooms…oooh Lindsay is a perfect blend of cute and crazy. I hope she takes that in the positive way I mean it. I would link you to her art, but all I could find is her bitching about stuff…which is good, too. And that leads me to…

4. “As seen in the film, Stripped” – We’re going to merchandise many of the cool, cool things we hope to have in the film! Here’s who we’re negotiating with or already started work with:

Estevan Ramos – Designer extraordinaire who has already started the costume designs for Getty, Lin, Crystal, and Ginger. We hope to mass produce his more amazing outfits, which I bet are all of them.

Estevan Ramos' initial sketches for character, Lin
Estevan Ramos' initial sketches for character, Lin

Cat Grey – We haven’t emailed her in months, but we are in love with Anastasia Grey’s adorable creatures. Half stuffed animal, half real animal corpse.

Cat Greys Bunny Dentata
Cat Grey's Bunny Dentata

3. “Skin” covered scrapbooks. Made by yours truly! That’s right, scrapbooks that are covered in what looks and feels like human skin.

4. Blood vial BFF charm necklace – Got a friend you love to death? That’s right, again by yours truly, necklaces that carry a locket of hair and a droplet of blood of your bestest friend…forever.  Both the scrapbooks and necklaces are almost ready and photos are on their way!

5. The Cannibal Stripper Cookbook – Oh yes. I think that is self-explanatory. Tips on stripping, luring and cooking…the cannibal way.

6. The storyboards – I see storyboards are rarely published and we think the art form deserves more recognition. So once we find our storyboard artist, we’re going to work on publishing it…graphic novel style.

So here I go. I got vendors for most of the stuff, now it’s all about pricing and getting it on paper. Woohoo! That’s a store! Er…that’s merchandise!

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