i want a store. with a door. and a hardwood floor. even if it makes me poor.

So every few years I get a hankering for a little brick and mortar shop. I seldom care what’s in it. Usually, the stock turns into something I already have -a physical ebay shop that’s all me.

My first foray into entrepreneurial bliss was book fairs. I was doing book fairs all over the country in the hopes of making enough money to open a real solid store. I did these book fairs with my lovely friends Harvey and Louis who now have their own gorgeous, cozy brick and mortar in West Hollywood, Mystery Pier Books. I was known in the bookselling world as “Erotica Woman.” My books were far from conventional sex rags though. I had 50’s anti-sex propaganda, porn thinly veiled as morality tales, some terribly inaccurate sex science books from over a century ago, oh the list goes on. And as a foreshadowing of the blog to come, I couldn’t help but sneak in horror/supernatural lit. even then -horror erotica, sex magick, bondage, torture fetishes. After the bookselling, I realized I didn’t have the desire to go into collectibles and knew I’d never make money in “plain” books, so I got a job. A few year later, I started a theater.

My theater was a money pit, but the best money pit ever. Almost three years at the 6470 in Hollywood claimed every waking moment of my life. I got a gym membership around the corner, not for exercise, but because I never took the time to shower and had to get a place to clean up that was close and reliable. I was obsessed with my theater, so while I wrote like a fiend and loved every single actor, director and writer I met, my love was the stage itself, the lighting booth, the seats we carried all the way from the Aero Theater, and the lobby. I loved turning the key in the lock every morning, switching on the lights, climbing the ladder to the booth and looking down on that empty stage, those empty seats. That embracing silence that fills a theater just before the bustle of script pages and people and lines and laughs take over through the day and into the wee hours of night. It is such an amazing feeling.

So I want one again. A brick and mortar. And I have my sights on this adorable spot on Vineland. It’s small, maybe half the size my theater was. Cute. Looks like a house.

But what to put in it? I’ll answer that tomorrow…..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim Crawford says:

    Sex magick is very cool. Or very hot. Whatever…

  2. mhictire says:

    I could see you with a quirky boutique of some kind with interesting and… odd… odds and ends, perhaps.

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