Jonesing to get back into the Horror House

After a week in the Horror House, I have found my friend, Marc, to be the best location scout/house hunter on the face of this particular planet. Our new house is not only adorable and exceptionally well maintained, it is also creepy. The stairwell is narrow and enclosed. All the rooms are tiny and the ceilings low making them cozy more than cramped in person, but on camera…the angles make the walls and ceiling seem antagonizing in their looming proximity. The house has a small oval hallway with six doors that make traveling from room to room feel like an eerie version of Let’s Make a Deal. Also, a perfect coincidence..the woman who owned the house before put the first letter of her last name on the screen doors of the double-door entry….Her last name started with an H. So now..the two H’s….Horror House.

Yes. All. So. Perfect.

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  1. Kelli Garner says:

    I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

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