I should donate a kidney to the movie

When I was in my late 20’s, I went to a frou frou doctor and she said I put my “first timer stress” in my kidneys. At the time, I was having back pains. She found it wasn’t muscular but stress from being about to run my first (and only) marathon. She did some kind of energy thing on my kidneys, asked me to remember some “firsts”. And then she just put her hand on my back. At that point and to the end of the session, I cried. About 20 minutes of bawling with tears and snot draining all over her office. I wasn’t sad, or emotional. It felt more like a release of toxins through my eyes. Snotty toxins.

While a really amazing experience, I never went back after I successfully ran the marathon (I mean, what kind of cynic’s street cred would I have getting energy healing in Beverly Hills???) But I did keep that notion that I put my stress in my kidneys. Five years later, I started my own theater company, leased a theater in Hollywood….and within days passed a kidney stone. Argh, I hate it when frou frou energy healers are right.

So here I am, signing papers for a house I am buying purely to have us shoot our movie in it. I’m negotiating addendums, scheduling inspectors….I’m a first time home buyer. This is our first feature film. First first first.

I woke up a couple hours ago….back pain. Kidney pain. I am sure of it. It passed. But it put me on watch.

Ironically, my cat went into kidney failure two weeks ago…the weekend I sent a bid on the house. Wonder if my Grey Shadow took on my kidney fate.

In any case, if you see me, offer me water…and maybe a dialysis machine.

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