why prostitution should be legal

There are a lot of people who think the public is a victim in crimes of prostitution. I agree. But if it’s not a crime..then there really is no victim…right? So now I’m a little stuck. I agree that taxpayers suffer when our streets are filled with drug addicted hookers and exploitive pimps. But there is legal sexual careers out there. Strippers, porn actors and Nevada hookers are much better off than California street walkers..why? They have a business owner instead of a pimp paying their bills. But then…on the other hand (see how I make my opinions? waffling!)…On the other hand, legal sex workers are not THAT much better off. Drug addiction and psychological problems are fairly rampant in much of the industry, legal or illegal. Although in the illegal realm, I think non-drug addicts are exceptionally rare. A good percentage of strippers and legal prostitutes…oh wait oh wait..massage parlors..illegal… what little I know of them is that they aren’t all that bad off. Oh hell, i don’t know. I just know the strippers at the Lusty Lady in Seattle and SF have a union. I know porn actors are very close to having their own loose version of the union (health insurance and an organization that works on enforcing the rights of talent and producers). I know these improvements make the industry itself more palatable….for the women, the patrons and the management…and the public. Okay, I’m back to legalizing prostitution..you get more taxpayers and less tax dollars wasted. You get happier workers and better organized and better behaved managers. You get economy.

Maybe I should call Obama…add one more to the stimulus bill!

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