I am shooting a movie

I will go mad while my husband trounces around the country for the next few months. I think he’ll be trouncing….maybe traipsing. I don’t know…but he’ll be gone. So while he plays “Oh, I’m such a cool PR guy in the snow,” I’m going to rewrite two of my favorite projects, one to shoot when he gets back and one to shoot while he’s away.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked like crazy on my creative endeavors. I wrote and produced a play every three months or so when I had the theater. I was NON STOP. I had a full time job when I owned it, so my days went something like this: wake up, go to work, try to seem like I bathed, leave work, go to the theater, rehearse and/or write and/or clean the theater. Weekends were like this: wake up, shower (it’s been three days), go to theater, rehearse and/or write, pre-show set up, do box office, run lights, have drink with cast to either celebrate or commiserate, go home, do it again on Sunday. In two and a half years, I think I had two days total of non-theater time. Once to see the birth of Brendon (my nephew by association). Once to get over a flu. I blame my bad kidneys and gum disease on the onslaught of stress, sleep deprivation, and daily Del Taco and coffee I forced upon myself in that time. God, I miss those days.

So anyway, I’m done pining for that crazy love affair called producing. I’m calling that psycho bitch up and telling her I want her back…I want her back bad. I got flowers and a box of chocolate and I’m under her window, yelling, “it’s a bad economy. I have no hope. no one cares about indie film just like they didn’t care about LA theater. but i don’t care. I need those late night rewrites, those abysmal quandaries on how to pay the bills, that week old body odor…Creative Productivity! You complete me!”

So there.

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