obama and gay marriage

I think we’re forgetting that Rick Warren is not all that different from Obama on the topic of gay marriage. I don’t get this. I so want to understand the fear of gay marriage. If someone explains it to me in a way that I can truly see the point, I will buy you a nice steak dinner. EVEN THE DALAI LAMA IS (allegedly) AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE? I am still verifying that one. I’m having a hard time believing all of this.

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  1. paulneedzafriend says:

    There’s a lot of great points made here.

    I can’t but wonder why so many people ignore the scientific fact that humans were meant to life in harems and that the denial of this arouses most all of our modern day problems.
    If lived in our natural state none of the aforementioned phenomena would exist or precipitate problems amongst us humans.

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