I think I’m a Republican…

Its hard being a Republican maverick
It's hard being a Republican maverick

I really hope my husband doesn’t read this…or my friends…or my coworkers….but I think I’m a Republican. I was having this wonderful conversation with a very conservative man and we seem to have voted the same on many of the props. I didn’t ask about 8. I said what I did on 8 and he didn’t offer on his vote as he was more focused on Prop 5 and staying that course. This got me to thinking. I once had a very long talk with a cop friend about political views..and HE said “You’re a Conservative. You just don’t know it.”

Could it be? I mean, sure, I’m genetically 100% hippy. I believe in gay marriage. I cried when I was a pre-teen watching Julian Lennon in concert singing Imagine. I voted Democrat my whole life, except that one time when I was experimenting with the Social Democrat party. Which makes me even MORE liberal. I’m totally okay with “spreading the wealth.” I actually like Ayers. I would rather share a meal with Hillary than Sarah.

BUT I lean pro-life. I believe in the death penalty. I am all for harsher sentencing across the board. I don’t like the homeowner bailout (wait, was that a Republican thing or a Democratic thing). And I thought that effigy of Palin was in horrible taste.

BUT BUT! I own a Sarah Palin sex doll (cuz I know the developers, get your mind out of the gutter) and defend its existence. I like Obama’s tax plan more than Mccain’s. I don’t believe in trickle down economics, I believe money trickles laterally. Rich pay rich. Middle pays middle. Poor give to poor. We should have stayed in Afghanistan, we should get out of Iraq.

BUT BUT BUT! Oh gee…maybe I’m just trying to talk myself into being a Republican for Obama cuz it seems cool.

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