Our young voters are going to decide our president.

Polls are nothing more than the country’s wishful thinking. They are what everyone wants if voting could be done online through facebook. Somehow, many of us just don’t get around to the actual vote. We’re working. Going to school. Our car broke down. Our girlfriend got mad and pouted all day (and you can’t leave a pouting girlfriend to vote). We were getting laid. We were trying to get laid. We weren’t getting laid. There’s a lot of reasons to not get off one’s ass and into a line with some crazy person and then stand in a cardboard box and then go home with a sticker on our t-shirt.

And with that said, if we coud vote without having to go through the motions, Obama would win. By a few votes or by a landslide, he’s a winner across the map. But on the youth polls, this man is off the charts. 60% for Obama. 33% for McCain. With the older groups, it gets much tighter, sometimes by only 2%. If McCain plays his cards right, and this is where is campaign is making incredibly smart moves going for electoral votes, McCain has a great chance of winning.

Unless young people really vote.

In 2004, the most youth came out to vote in history, and it was still under half. This year, it’s all about the under 30 crowd, 19-24 especially.

So here’s what I want to say to all of the bright young kids out there. I didn’t vote a few elections. The last two I did. And much like putting money on the World Series, it makes game night all the more thrilling.

Put money on your team. Vote. And if you find me, I’ll buy you a drink as we watch the votes at the local bar.

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