The sexualized politics

We have historically sexualized our politicians with crass merchandise, perverse comedy, and commentary caricatures. Many of our presidents have a dildo with their heads on Pornos “dramatize” oval office oral fun. And now, with a beauty queen on a ticket, it’s gotten too easy. A porno is now in the editing bay where Hillary is played by adult film legend Nina Hartley. And the headliner, is hot Alaskan MILF Palin. Why is it that NOW, people are getting up in arms about the Sarah Palin sex doll/porno/etc? Republicans react even to a photo of her ankles.

I would try to figure out why Sarah Palin is such a “victim” of media’s perverse sexism, but I can’t. She’s not alone. The Obama dildo is already on shelves..before the sex doll. And Obama and Palin are simply not the first.

Why do we sexualize politicians? The same reason we sexualize any celebrity. We want to make them one of us. Not drag them to our level…not demean them to feel better or smarter or more respectable than them. We poke fun and sexualize our leaders (and potential leaders) to hold them on the level at which they actually are -sexual beings, human beings. Politicians are not gods. They are one of us. And we treat them as such to remind ourselves and remind them that no one is above a good fuck joke.

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  1. paolo says:

    That’s a different way of looking at it. Very interesting — I thought it was for the same reason people do to poke fun at celebrities — to get attention.

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