McCain is right (in theory), and Obama is more of the same (in a good way)

Here’s a horrible truth I have learned over the years. Some very good ideas work only in theory. When I turned 18, I registered as a Social Democrat. I believed in Socialism with freedom. Here’s a funny thing. The candidate I voted for didn’t win. So I dropped the “social” and started seeing the person I vote for actually have a chance (well, there was that one time I voted for Nader. Don’t hate me, I’m Californian). I don’t think I was right or wrong to vote Social Democrat. But I do know I was naive. And in later years, I’ve learned that Socialism of any kind is a great idea that has many problems when put into reality (yes, even Canada. Ever wonder why Michael Moore never moved to Canada? NY health care is just plain better when you have his income).

So today, I was reminded again why good ideas sometimes just don’t work. I’m a grateful employee of a company who provides health care. I like it. It’s cost effective for me. It’s all good. I don’t want it to change. Really, just want more of the same here.

So with that said, you think I’m voting for McCain? Hell no. Because he wants to really reform health care. While Obama is working on a plan to help those who do not have an employer who provides, McCain wants to erase the board and start all over. He wants to trust capitalism and competition.

Okay, in theory, that sounds great. Healthy competitive pricing makes my car affordable. Makes my computer affordable, my clothes, my entertainment. Etc. Etc. But it’s made my hair fall out in what loan I can get. In fact, banking in general has been a pretty bumpy ride.

So really, McCain wants to de-regulate health care. Imagine the last week on Wall Street (and in all of our 401k’s and mortgages) happening to your HMO. I trust capitalism with luxury goods. I don’t trust capitalism with my needs. It’s a great idea that just doesn’t work in reality.

So on this issue. More of the same with a twist for children and low income…vote Obama. Want a maverick fucking with your health? vote for the old man and his pitbull.

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  1. Calvin says:

    So you and Obama want me to pay for my family’s health care and you want me to pay for the health care for low income families’ health care too. It still sounds like socialism to me.

  2. splitid says:

    No, it’s economics. The taxpayer money currently spent on the un-insured is surprisingly high. Don’t be fooled by thinking ignoring a problem is saving money (arguably the mistake made on Wall Street). So, if you want to be technical, you can claim the tint of socialism in subsidized healthcare. As you can claim the tint of socialism in welfare and public schools. But really, Obama’s plan is not driven by a Robin Hood complex as much as a pure economic concern.

    Avoid a crash (financially, socially, culturally) by keeping a careful eye on it. Leaving it up to those who chase the money is a recently proven mistake.

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