It’s all about the packaging, even if it’s a product like a (vice) president

Palin did a great job. She’s a good orator and I’m impressed by some of the things she has accomplished. I think Republicans have a good person for their cause. However, I’m diametrically opposed to almost everything she believes in, mainly abstinence programs, ant-abortion, drilling and nuclear before wind, solar and other alternative fuels. I have no problem saying a good woman is on the other team.

But she’s the other team. I heard a woman interviewed last night who was a Republican, but not on the same page as Palin on some important issues. She scared me in two ways. She doubted Palin, but heard her speech and decided that since Palin is a mother, she “gets it.” I’m not sure what she gets, but it’s gotten in spades with a child in every emotional trigger point (teen pregnancy, special needs, and going to war…where’s the adopted minority child?) So, did the woman change her mind because Palin is “real”? Not just that. Every issue she doesn’t agree with Palin on doesn’t matter. What matters is that Palin is going to keep America safe.

Okay, what does THAT mean? Safe from what? The safety (or lack thereof) is our right to choose being in danger, our right to sex education in danger, our country being violated with oil pipelines that won’t work in time and won’t work enough to be the solution, our money going to said pipelines and nuclear plants when a fully focused effort on solar, wind, etc will be working for the long term. Safe? What does this woman who is fine sacrificing all other beliefs and needs think she is going to be safe from? Ohh…terrorists. The ones we have yet to go after because we got distracted by Afghanistan and Iraq? Now Iran? Those guys? It’s like saying you’re okay withe the gas leak in the house because mommy and daddy are going after the bogeyman. Yes, terrorists exist. Terrorists hate us. They want to kill us. They are planning to do what they did again. I hear you. It’s scary. I live in a large metropolis and I still can’t spend more than a couple hours downtown becauseĀ  a strong unease overtakes me. I can’t watch a plane fly overhead without analyzing it’s path. It’s scary. But Republicans aren’t keeping us safe by putting the men and woman who can protect us in a country that is nowhere near the terrorists.

Palin calls herself a pitbull with lipstick. She said it herself. I love pitbulls. They are one of my favorite dogs. But I’m not sure we need a pitbull with or without the lipstick in the White House. I think we need a little more wisdom than a pitbull can bring. A more level head than a pitbull can have. And this ticket doesn’t have that person in McCain or Palin.

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