I am so web 2.0

In the last hour and a half, I have dealt with my insomnia by joining twitter, updating my flickr page, my youtube page, personal website, wordpress blog and checking my ning network. I was going to start an on-line business, but the shopping cart feature made me scared.

I haven’t even touched my linkedin, facebooks (yes, plural), and myspace which are all updated with fair regularity.

People ask me why I never talk on the phone. The truth is that with the way i update my internet presence, write journals, blogs, scripts, articles, and book (admittedly not plural), play solitaire, and work a 9 – 5 job and do all of that with a machine (my computer, blackberry, or smartphone), i have NO DESIRE to interact with an audio machine like a phone. I really want face to face time after that. I need to touch a person or at least have the capability. I want to interact in facial expressions and body gestures.

People think that computer user geeks don’t like human interaction. They hide behind a computer monitor. That is simply not true. I’m a writer. I love the internet as it has so many wonderful modes of communication for a writer. But in the end, I’m a very social creature. I karaoke. How much more non-hiding is that? So to balance the world of the web with the world of human interaction is very difficult, very time consuming, very delicate.

I could go on but I now have a deep need to spend the next hour of my insomnia on FreeCell.

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